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Our Warranty How to Request Service Maintenance Manual
How to Request Service

Need service during the construction process or after closing? It's easy and direct. Simply contact your client service team member at our head office (519) 570-2137.

All service requests will be inputted into the Capital Homes service system by our client services representative who will follow up to ensure that all enquiries or requests for service are addressed in a timely fashion. Service requests should only be addressed to client services representatives at the head office. Requests directed to site staff and trades are done in writing and are tracked in our system.

Based on our past experience and current knowledge we have prepared a home owner maintenance manual.

The Tarion Building standards, which govern the services and construction performance standards is very good reference  before calling for services.

It's purpose is to help you understand more about some of the common things to look for in your new home and how, through certain practices and maintenance, you may be able to avoid even the most unavoidable of problems.